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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Village

There are too many gastronomic adventures and too little time! I left Philly yesterday and am now at Katy's house. She's a writer, too. (Oh, did I mention that this little trip was all about doing a series of poetry readings on the East coast? Perhaps I've gotten so wrapped in the food as to forget.)

When I arrived, we went out for a little lunch at a tiny French bistro (whose name has escaped me.) I had a spinach salad with a goat cheese phyllo pastry on top. It was a bit too much goat cheese, but light enough and delicious. Then, for dinner, we splurged at a place called Yujin, two blocks down from Katy's on 12th Street near 5th Avenue.

Yujin was simply decorated. A nice large room with light colored wood tables and warm lighting. We arrived on the late end of dinner and had the run of the place to ourselves. I ordered a seaweed salad (I am in love with the cleanness of the seaweed salad) and a 12th Street roll (Spicy tuna, green onion, and shiso). I polished the food down with a nice glass of dry Riesling, which I unfortunately did not note.

For dessert, I ordered Imagine, which was a chocolate cake with a flan-like custard topping it (which had the visual effect of a cheesecake) served with a large dollop of chocolate pudding/sauce and vanilla ice cream.

The meal was delicious, but didn't rise above the rest. The dessert, also, was of a similar caliber. Definitely the flavors came together nicely, but there was something a bit strange about the chocolate pudding/sauce which looked and tasted like chocolate frosting.


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