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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pang's Rockin' Curry

Pang & Ben have bought their first house! It's been a month since they've lived there, but they already look settled and very happy. I had the pleasure of joining them for a lunch in their new dining room, sun spilling through the skylight.

We sipped iced cold Tecates with lime and ate brown rice with a rockin' Thai green curry. No doubt, the food was on the money. Perfectly spicy (perhaps sinus-clearing for the meek!) with the flavors seeping through the vegetables and chicken. Pang credits the brown sugar for being key to a winning balance. We ate out of deep, stunning ceramic bowls made by Heath Ceramics ( I've been obsessed with Heath's stuff, having just registered for some it myself.

Unfortunately, I hadn't yet gotten my new hand-me-down, a digital camera from my brother, to document the beauty of the food against the backdrop of sublime dishware. You'll just have to daydream it on your own until I can offer photos. (I'm still learning the nuances of this "blogging" business, so forgive the rough-around-the-edges quality this new endeavour has.) Oh, and, perhaps this is the perfect excuse (that I was sans camera, after all) for another round of delicious grub. Pang?


At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Doh! I should've taken a photo for your blog before we ate up the curry. Well... Pang can always make more. ;)


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